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To Help The Poor and Needy People

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No matter the time, day or night, we’re here for you.

Skill Training

We know if you’re calling us, you’re probably in a stressful situation. With speed, knowledge and great service, we’ll help you out! 

Quality Promise

With the latest ideas and plan for earning. We’ll assist you!

Why fund Us?

ESCORD is a nonprofit organization NGO voluntary organization working since 2nd October 1991 for the welfare of weaker sections of the society especially upliftment of status of women and children towards economy development educational development social development health nutrition development etc.

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“District level workshop on HAMARADESH on January 1994”

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“Cricket Tournamet”

“Cricket Tournament by the Contribution of Member of Parliament Jayanti Patnaik “

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“Free Eye Checkup & Cataract operation Camp”

“Free Eye checkup & Cataract Operation Camp (7days) in Gokornapur Village near Berhampur Silk City of Ganjam District,Orissa”


                                                 “Appreciations to our service “